Food! Glorious Food!

TheBitBit 6.27.13Hello friends!  I know, it has been far too long.  You can’t really blame me, though; I’ve been busy!  First there was meeting Dori (my grandma’s bulldog), then there was rooting in the garden, in between everything I ate grass and flowers and even tried a few insect things, and of course hanging out with all of my new Jr. Rove friends, snuggles, snacks…there isn’t enough time in the day!

Anyways, I’m off topic.  Saturday is going to be a very good day.  You see, we do Teamwork WOD’s on Saturdays at CrossFit Rove.  I make sure to be extra loud when I’m cheering everyone on.  After the WOD (8am, people, 8am), Josh and the gang are going to hold a Nutrition and Goal-Setting Seminar for everybody and anybody.  I’ve been writing down questions; I’m not super positive about my portion sizes.  Pretty sure I need more food…I mean, come on, I am a pig!  Not only are we going to learn more about how to live healthy lives, but we get to try foods!  YES!  FOODS!  Plural food!

You’re always welcome to come hang out with me…hope to see you soon at CrossFit Rove!


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