7.24.13 WOD

Wednesday, 7.24.13

Warm-Up:  Block Run

WOD:  “31 Flavors”

31 Inverted Burpees with Handstand Hold

31 Ring Push-Ups

3min Pilates 100

31 Supermans

3min Plank Holds of choice

31 Pistol Progressions (each leg)

31 Hollow Rocks

STRETCH!  This WOD is seriously core intensive; focus on back and abs in stretching.

Guest Entry from Our Nighttime Watchman and 7.23.13 WOD

It was sometime around 1997, a time before Netflix, and the building that is now Rove was then Magic Video. I was about 10; my family stopped there so my brother and I could rent video games after a Friday night dinner out. When my dad pulled into the parking lot, he told my mom to take us in and he would wait in the pickup because he wasn’t feeling well. His grimace and the funk that had become a fifth passenger both said he meant it. But children aren’t the best at empathy, so I hoped out and ran into the store.

I knew I was getting Madden ’96 before I woke up that morning, but decisions always took my brother longer. A lot longer. Ask him what he wants for lunch and it’s a peace summit on the Middle East. So after I grabbed the Madden I had time to kill. This was fine with me because back in the day, Magic Video kept their porno tapes where Rove keeps the pig now. There were these saloon-style doors across the opening, but 10-year Cody wasn’t bound by swinging gates. So I sneaked in to ogle the naked lady posters.

For whatever reason my brother was struggling more than usual, so he and my mom were still standing in front of the Super Nintendo games when the Magic Video lady dragged me through the wooden doors by the arm. Someone ratted me out. I guess someone thought it was weird to make their adult film selection with a kid in the room.

Anyway, by the time my brother finally picked out his game, we paid and walked out; my dad and the pickup were gone. Everyone was confused; even my mom. I tried to go back inside — another shot at the posters — but my mom stopped me. It might have been time for a talking to, but my dad pulled back into the parking lot then. We all asked him where he went when we got in, but he didn’t want to talk about.

Finally, my mom wore him down a few blocks from home. He told us the entire time we were in the store he was in a pitched battle for continence. He said his guts started to revolt and he could have held it together if my brother hadn’t taken “longer than the second coming of Christ,” to make up his mind. My dad tried to hang on too long, and the mad drive home while we were still inside the store was just an accelerated march to defeat. He told us this with many curse words and too much detail. So the mega Mexican platter at El Sombrero cost my dad a share of his pride and one pair of whitey-tighties.

Sometimes when I’m at Rove doing lunges in the parking lot I think about my father’s quiet struggle, fought so long ago over the same pavement. The reasons we do Crossfit aren’t that different from why my old man sweated it out in the parking lot for as long as he could; he was just trying to stick around for his family.

Failure is inevitable, but trying numbers among the greatest of human gestures. That’s one of the things I like about Rove; there is a premium on effort.

All that stuff about effort and family could be the takeaway from this story, but what seems most important to me looking back at it now is this: I took the Raiders to the Super Bowl three times that night because my dad was too sick to tell me to go to bed.

Tuesday, 7.23.13

Warm-Up: 4 RFT 200m Run, 20 Box Dips, 20 Pass Throughs, 20 Air Squats

Skill: Muscle-Up Progressions

WOD: 21-15-9

OH Squat

Box Jumps



CrossFit Community & 7.22.13 WOD

CarlyKacyJasmine 7.20.13

One of my all-time favorite experiences concerning CrossFit is the band of brothers and sisters gained.  The personal gains, strength, speed, health, aesthetics gained are fantastic and well worth the time, effort and sweat spent to gain them, but the relationships built possibly outweigh all the other benefits.

On Saturday, 7.20.13, a group of us drove up to Spokane’s Riverfront Park to watch and experience Lilac City’s Fittest in the Park.  It was a CrossFit event put on by a group of CrossFit boxes in the Spokane/CDA area.  How cool is that!  Boxes teaming up together.  I really, really like that.  One of our own, Ashley, competed in the event and took 6th overall!  She rocked!  We will definitely partake in more events this year.

Monday, 7.22.13

Warm-Up:  Track & Burgener

SWOD:  Hang Squat Cleans

WOD:  For Time

200m Run

6 Rounds of:  7 Hang Squat Cleans, 7 HSPU

200m Run


Fittest in the Park & 7.16.13 WOD

Fittest in the Park Logo 7.17.13This coming Saturday, July 20th, several CrossFit boxes in the Spokane/CDA area are putting on a CrossFit competition called Fittest in the Park.  CrossFit Rove is canceling Saturday’s WOD in order to take as many people up to Spokane that want to go.  It’s going to be a super-charged atmosphere and we highly encourage you to attend if possible!  You don’t have to compete.  CrossFit is all about camaraderie, encouragement, and banding together to form a community of people that desire to better themselves and those around them.  Come experience that on a large scale!  The competition will begin around 9am; we will leave early so as not to miss any of the action.

Tuesday, 7.16.13

Warm-Up:  10min

Run 200m, 10 WB, 10 Sit-ups, 10 Push-ups

Skill:  Handstand Walks

WOD:  For Time

50 Burpee Wall Balls


The Overall Vision & 7.15.13 WOD

Had a discussion with my Rove friends and it went something like this…

Me (Bit):  “What is the focus at CrossFit Rove?”

Rove Friends:  “To help the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley become healthier and have fun with the process.   Plain and simple.”

Me:  “You guys are my favorite!”

Monday, 7.15.13

Warm-UP:  Outside group track stuff

SWOD:  Heavy Thrusters

WOD:  For Time

100 Pull-ups