Guest Entry from the Superhero Chick & 8.28.13 WOD

Fear & Snack Packs

Sexy_Spy5pm rolls around every week day and my stomach drops. It is the feeling that you get when you wake up in the morning in grade school and you know that the school yard bully will be running you down at precisely 11:45am in order to give you the shake down and take your lunch money, or punch you in the mouth for your beloved snack pack. It’s fear. And this is the good old fashioned “I’m about to get my ass kicked” kind of fear, not the kind of fear you experience when you’re about to go on your first date with that jock from a neighboring school and he has a reputation of expecting some form of payment for the awkward dinner and crappy movie.

It amazes me that this is the kind of fear I have come to crave. I both dread and embrace that metallic taste in my mouth, the increased heart rate, the nervous flexion and extension of my hands…It is a fear that only one word can invoke: CrossFit.

You may have just scoffed at that. But I am literally scared of my workouts. Not because I know it is going to be hard, they are always hard, that is the thing that keeps me coming back to CrossFit every day.

I fear meeting myself in the box for an hour a day, every evening.

I am my biggest hurdle. That voice in my head that screams can’t. “You can’t lift that,” “You can’t do 21 handstand push-ups unbroken,” “A Hero WOD? You can’t do that RX”. That voice in my head telling me that I’m not enough…big enough, strong enough, fast enough, tough enough. That voice is what I fear. It’s like going toe to toe in a boxing ring with a competitor that knows every single one of your weaknesses and has spent the past 27 years exploiting those weaknesses to break you down. You know you’re going to get your bell rung, you’re going to be lying face down on the mat in a pool of your own blood, and your victors hand raised high in the air showing the rest of the world that you couldn’t beat her.

You may be asking why I continue to show up, if I experience that fear and know that an internal battle will be raging on inside of my dome for an hour…and this is why.

I beat her! I win the battle inside of myself, I lift what I thought I couldn’t, I do what I never thought I was capable of doing. Maybe I don’t beat that voice every day, hell; maybe I don’t even beat her once a week.  But, I do beat her. And when I do, it makes feeling that fear all the sweeter.

When I was a little girl my step father told me this “Feel the fear and do it anyways”. It is something I repeat to myself every time I feel that fear and I start tearing myself down. You won’t be anything else than what you are if you don’t set goals that terrify you, and fell the fear it evokes.

Feel the fear and do it anyways. I might not win that day, that smug little bitch in my head might be standing there smirking at me at 7pm with “I told you so” on her lips, but then again…I might win and finally pop that school yard bully in the mouth and take back my cherished snack pack for another day.

Wednesday, 8.28.13

Warm-Up:  Airdyne

WOD:  “Filthy Fifty” for time

50 Box Jumps (24/20)

50 Jumping Pull-Ups

50 KB Swings (35/26)

50 Walking Lunges

50 Knees-to-Elbows

50 Push Press (45/35)

50 Back Extensions

50 Wall Balls (20/14)

50 Burpees

50 Double Unders


Upcoming Events & 8.26.13 WOD

Things to remember:

  1. Evening class times change starting Tuesday, Sept 3rd:  4:30, 5:30, & 6:30pm
  2. Accountability meeting Wednesday, Sept 4th at 7pm
  3. Jr. Rove starts back up Wednesday & Thursday, Sept 4th & 5th (5-9yrs. on M&W, 10-14yrs on T&Th)
  4. Yard sale Sept 14th:  feel free to donate your nice, not-needed things

Monday, 8.26.13

Warm-up:  10min AMRAP

1min Jump Rope, 10 Slow Air Squats, Down & Back Lunges, 10 Supermans, 30sec Hollow-body Hold

SWOD:  Back Squats


WOD:  “Helen Backwards”

12 Pull-ups

21 KB Swings

400m Backwards Run


8.23.13 WOD

Friday, 8.23.13



OH Squats 10-9-8-7-6

Burpee Pull-Ups 1-2-3-4-5


CrossFit Affiliate Tour 2013 & 8.19.13 WOD

IMG_1582CrossFit Affiliate Tour 2013

By now most of you have seen some of my Facebook photos or text messages from the CrossFit Affiliate Tour in Big Sky, Montana. The weekend was simply amazing. I want to thank Josh and Jasmine for letting me tag along with them, eat their food, and also for letting me bunk with them during some horrific wind storms! I had no idea how life changing the tour would be but it has opened my eyes in so many ways. Sure we know the definition of CrossFit…constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements that can be measurable, observable and repeatable. I totally agree, however after listening to Glassman speak about CrossFit and hearing about all the good that is being done by so many boxes around the world and the many organizations that CrossFit is supporting, I was introduced to a new definition of CrossFit. CrossFit is about the HEART! I was surprised to hear Glassman speak with such passion as he shared his thoughts on the revolution of CrossFit. He spoke candidly about the early days, his struggles, highs and lows. He shared with us how proud he was of each one of his coaches, they were more than coaches, these people were his friends and he loved them! He required everyone on his team be FUN and their responsibility, aside from the technical aspect, was to provide each athlete a unique, positive experience every time they enter the Box. That statement moved me and I totally got it! I guess you can say I had an “aha” moment!!! The room was filled with laughter and tears! I feel that Glassman and his energetic Team are just beginning to move mountains. There is still so much work to be done and lives to change. The responsibility is up to each Box to represent CrossFit in its truest form. Welcome each athlete with an open heart and mind, listen to them, ask questions, be supportive, helpful, kind and compassionate but display a fierce tenderness as well. A CrossFit box is more than a place with equipment. It’s filled with people with varied backgrounds and knowledge. Each member has something to offer and it’s our responsibility to ask them for help: teachers, scientists, medical physicians, law enforcement officers, stay-at-home parents, construction workers, and even our youth. Utilize the talents of others and turn each Box into a school; a school that teaches us about LIFE. The Box is not just a building with four walls; it is a sacred place with a constant beating heart…all we have to do is listen to it. The next time someone asks you about CrossFit, tell them it’s a place that supports the community and where strangers meet and become lifelong friends. It’s a place that will make you laugh, cry and sweat—oh, and I suppose we workout, too! In closing, I want to say thanks to Dan Bailey, Scott Panchik and all the other top athletes for being such positive inspirations to so many. I was fortunate enough to share with Dan and Scott how much they have impacted my life and I am forever grateful that they took time out of their lives to listen to me and let me take a photo with them. I look forward to learning more about CrossFit, myself, and I am happy to say that our Box is filled with amazing, talented athletes and you all inspire me in so many ways. To all the coaches…you are my friends and I thank you for letting me be part of your lives. Together, let’s move some damn mountains. See you all at the Box!


Monday, 8.19.13

Warm-Up: 8 Rounds of 5 burpees & 5 slow air squats

SWOD: Bench Press 5×10

WOD: “Thrasher”

3min – run 200m, max effort thrusters

Rest 2min

6min – run 400m, max effort thrusters

Rest 2min

9min – run 800m, max effort thrusters


CrossFit Road Trip & 8.15.13 WOD

Who would have thought 3 months ago that I (Robert) would be sleeping in the same room as Josh! Last week I found out that Josh and Jasmine were headed to Big Sky, Montana, to participate in the CrossFit Affiliate Tour and there was a very good chance that I’d be able to join them. I had to be in Wyoming for work, was driving home on Thursday, the same day J & J were driving East. After a little detail mixing and matching I was in. What is the CrossFit Affiliate Tour, you ask? The three of us are rookies so we will fill you in as we experience it, but I am so excited it’s beyond excited really! I’ve discovered so many things already: Josh has to sleep in a windstorm, Biga Pizza in Missoula is fantastic (try the Caramelized Goat with gluten free crust and bacon), a toothless wonder-woman tried selling us a frozen ham on the street corner for $5, I learned a nickname for a close friend from a Helena native (very small world, right Chowder?), and Josh was in such a hurry to get on the road that he forgot to pack clothes so we “had” to go shopping. Don’t worry, I packed my Dan Bailey shirt just in case I run into him. To be continued…

Thursday, 8.15.13

Warm-up: 7min AMRAP
10 KB Swings, 10 Hand-release push-ups, 10 Strict press

SWOD: Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5

SWOD: Split Jerk (work your stance)