We want to know what you think & 10.7.13 WOD


Did you see the announcements yesterday on our FB page?  If not, here you go…

Friday, Oct. 11th – Classes will be held at 5am, 6am, Noon, and 4:30pm. NO 5:30pm or 6:30pm classes.
Saturday, Oct. 12th – Regular scheduled class at 8am
Halloween Party – Oct. 26th, 7pm

Did you notice there’s no 7am class listed on Friday?  That’s because 7am has been erased for the time being.  We realized most people are either getting ready for work and/or school, already at work and/or school, OR you’re one of THOSE that’s still in bed at 7am.  We secretly want to be one of THOSE peeps.


We’ve also come to realize that many people do work and/or school from home or have the luxury of creating their own schedule (AKA one of THOSE people).  It’s the people in the above description that we need to hear from; would you be interested in a 9am or 9:30am class Monday – Friday?  Let us know!  Shoot us an email at info@crossfitrove.com or give us a call at 208-503-2140.

Monday, 10.7.13

Warm-Up:  800m Run, 50 Sit-ups, 50 KB Swings

SWOD:  Snatch Grip DL


15 DL (185/125)

15 Toes-to-Bar


*Do some burpees for Resa…it’s her birthday week!

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