11.25.16 Workout

Friday, 11.25.16

SWOD: 30min emom

30secs work, 30secs rest

Min1) Bench Press 

Min2) Calories

Min3) Double KB Front Rack Alt Lunge Steps

WOD: For time

45 Overhead Squats

45 Back Squats 

45 Deadlifts


Weekend Warrior Workout

Option #1

12min EMOM

Min1) alt lunge steps

Min2) air squats 

Min3) pushups

*score is total reps

Option #2

Get outside and move for 45 mins. Whether it is hiking, running, jogging, biking.  

*post distance 

11.18.16 Workout

Friday, 11.18.16


SWOD: Cleans

5min EMOM (5’s)

5min EMOM(3’s)

5min EMOM (1’s)


2 Cleans (135/95)

4 Burpees 

6 KBS (53/35)

Weekend Warrior Workout:

10min EMOM

8 Jump Squats

8 Push-Ups 

*both in the same min

*increase reps with intentions of working 50sec

Buyout: 2min plank

Class Averages:

5am – 8+11

6am – 7+6

Noon – 9+2

5pm – 8+8