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  1. My name is Krisi and I am a weight training and fitness instructor in Kooskia Idaho and am trying to schedule a field trip for my weight training and fitness classes to Lewiston and Moscow. Many of the students here attend LCSC after graduation and I am trying to instill a love for fitness as a life style. I would like to bring them to a couple different crossfit gyms in Lewiston and Moscow as well as LCSC exercise lab to head them in the right direction. Would you be interested in having my students (about 25) attend a session of yours or simply look at your facility and have a question and answer session? Thank you for your time,
    Krisi Pratt

    • Hi Krisi,

      I am so sorry for the delayed response. Your comment was flagged as spam and I did not see it until now. If you are still looking for a place to take your students please shoot us an email at We would be happy to have them come check out CrossFit Rove and even try a class.

  2. Hi, I will be coming from Boise and staying in Grangeville over spring break. I don’t want to miss out on my CF Open WOD while I am out of town. I noticed your gym is listed as an affiliate gym on the CF Open website. Would I be able to come over to your gym and have someone judge me on Saturday, March 28th? I would be happy to pay daily fees to be there!! Thanks for the consideration, Becky Adams

    • Hi Becky, yes, you’re more than welcome to come by. Let us know what time you are thinking to make sure a judge is available.

      • Thank you! I appreciate your availability! It may be on either Friday or Saturday if that is feasible. Is there a better time to come in that works? How much notice will you need? I can call you a few days ahead if that works. Thanks so much! Becky

  3. All of the Friday classes will be doing 15.5 and the 5pm class is crazy fun with awesome energy if that’s something you thrive on. A few days heads up would be great!

    • It looks like I won’t need to travel to Lewiston to perform the 15.5 after all! I was able to finagle a judge to come in on a Sunday once I get back home to Boise. You guys are awesome for your willingness to help me out! I will keep Crossfit Rove in mind next time I am in town (which will be April) for a workout! Many thanks, Becky

  4. I am here in your town for a work conference and would love to drop in for a couple WODs.

    My home Box is The Gate in Pocatello.

    Let me know. Thanks


  5. Hi, I am visiting family from out of town and I am interested in coming in tomorrow (Saturday) to your 8am class. I am an experienced crossfitter. Are your Saturday morning classes usually full? Also, do you allow spectators? My mom wanted to come and watch your class while I am there. Thank you for your reply!

    • Hi, Becky! You’re more than welcome to join us. Your mom is also welcome, but give her fair warning that we like our music loud and uncensored. 🙂 Saturday’s are unpredictable on size. There’s a big race in town tomorrow so I have no clue how big class will be. Also, on Saturdays we get down and dirty for half an hour then have mobility. See you soon!
      Jasmine King

  6. Hi, I will be in town the two week as I am an athletic trainer for one of the baseball teams in the world series. Im looking for a box to do a few days a week for drop in classes. My home box is Resolution CrossFit in Yorba Linda. Thank you!

  7. Hi, I was wondering if your facility is open between classes or only during classes. I’d like to get in some extra workouts on my own too. I’ve heard great things about you guys :).

    • Hi Carla, our facility is only open during scheduled classes. Have you seen our class schedule? Did you have any questions about CrossFit?

  8. I am 48 and of course need to loose weight however, I would like to tone also. Is there a beginners class or is each class set up accommodate NEW-B’s? Is there personal trainers? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  9. My name is Ty Butler and I own Butler Grass Fed. We are an Idaho based, 100% grass fed/finished beef producer and we are currently offering special packages to Cross Fit gyms in the Lewiston area.

    Long story short, we provide you with a freezer and individually packaged cuts of all natural beef that is ideal for any Paleo diet.

    At your convenience, I’d love to come introduce myself and tell you a little more about how Butler Grass Fed will benefit your gym and your clients!

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

  10. Hi! Interested in coming in. What am I going to need to start, how long are each session, and would I just show up for the first class at 6am to try it out? Thanks!

    • Hi Ben, great to hear from you. Classes are an hour and include both a warm-up and cool down. When you come we will have you fill out a waiver but that takes two minutes tops. Bring a water bottle and comfortable workout clothes/shoes. You’re more than welcome to show up and take class at 6am! Let us know if you have any more questions.

    • Hi Sophia, we are staffed during posted hours, but we also teach classes for the school district and northwest children’s home that are not listed. When were you wanting to stop by?

    • Hi Shannon, yes we are. Classes are T, Th, and F 3:30-4:15pm for 8 weeks. Ages 12-15 years. Cost is $90. Classes begin Tuesday but kids are allowed to join any time. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  11. I will be in Lewiston for a family function and was wondering if you had a daily rate for classes. I’ve been a member of a CF gym for 2 months and workout daily. I hate to miss a workout due to travel. Can you help?

    • Hi Dawn, you’re very welcome to come by for classes. Our day rate is $10. Classes are:
      M-Th 5am, 6am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm
      F 5am, 6am, noon, 5pm
      Sat 7:30am

  12. hello, my friend and I are interested in trying out cross fit for muscle toning for our upcoming sports, but we are only 13. does age matter?

    • Hi Ryann, you and your friend are very welcome to come try CrossFit! We have several junior high and high school athletes that take classes. We do need a guardian’s signature on a liability waiver for each of you. Classes are M-Th 5am, 6am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm. F 5am, 6am, noon, 5pm. Sat 7:30am. Let us know if you have any questions!

  13. Hello. I’ll be in the area for a few months before we do a pcs move. Am I able to try out a class to see how it is? Thank you.

    • Hi Kelly, absolutely! You are more than welcome to come try a class. Are you familiar with CrossFit? Classes are:
      M-Th 5am, 6am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm
      F 5am, 6am, noon, 5pm
      S 7:30am

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


      • Thank you! I haven’t done CrossFit before but I did boot camp in Tacoma. I will try to make it in sometime on Monday.

  14. Hello,

    I am relocating to the Lewiston area at the end of the month and interested in checking out CrossFit Rove. I have been doing crossfit for about 8 months, so I am not new to this style of working out. Does your affiliate offer a free class and how do you suggest members get started?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Katie,
      Yes, your first class is on the house. Where are you relocating from? You are welcome to come to any of our scheduled classes. As you are not new to CrossFit we encourage you to jump right in! Let us know if you have any other questions.
      See you soon,

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