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  1. Ok totally intimidated by the listed workouts. Is someone there to explain and guide a newbie through this maze? Have an important very physical horse event that requires me to be as fit as my horse by end of July (right now he is way ahead of me) Looking for motivation, coaching and increasing balance, stamina and core strength. Will this program work for me??

    • Yes to all of the above! We can definitely explain the madness and answer your questions. CrossFit would be excellent training for a horse event. We have an 8 week challenge starting up next week…might be a good way to get you started.

  2. I am new to crossfit. I have some friends that are members of a gym in Pullman but that’s quite a drive. I want to use crossfit to supplement my gym workouts. I am hoping to assist my muscle growth and help increase my cardio endurance and strength. Is this gym a group setting or individual? I would prefer something that was group based since I don’t have any experience with crossfit.

    • Hi Dennis, yes, CrossFit is essentially small group training. Classes last an hour and they include your warm up and cool down. Each class is run by a coach that will assure that you maintain good form and help meet your goals. Every movement is scaleable so limitations/inexperience aren’t an issue. We have punch cards or a monthly rate, depending on how often you would want to come. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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