Schedule & Pricing


Monday – Thursday: 5, 6am, noon, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30pm

Friday: 5, 6am, noon, 5pm

Saturday: 7:30am


$90.00+tax, $75.00+tax (military/veterans, first responders, and students), $65.00+tax (under 18 years)


$90.00+tax for 15 punches, $75.00+tax (military/veterans, first responders, and students), $65.00+tax (under 18 years)



7 thoughts on “Schedule & Pricing

  1. Josh-My wife wants to try Crossfit. Can I just send her up for a punchcard to get started? She wants to start the 4:30pm class on Tuesday.

    Rick Cuddihy

    • Absolutely, Rick! Her first week is free so wait to buy a punch card to make sure she enjoys it.


  2. I am interested in CrossFit. I have a couple of questions. 1) Do you have a nutrition plan to go along with the work out? 2) Is the cost monthly, quarterly, or annually? 3) Do you customize the work out per individual?

    Thank you for the info!

    Greg Benner

    • Hi Greg,

      Very cool that you’re curious about CrossFit. To answer your questions…

      1. We encourage people to follow the Zone nutrition guidelines. It works well with everyday life and is easily measurable. We also encourage our members to journal both nutrition and workouts. We would definitely help you get set up and guide/answer any concerns you might have.

      2. Cost is monthly. It’s the same price for a month of unlimited classes and a punch card (there are 15 classes on a punch card that can be used at any class over 3 months).

      We have an 8 week challenge coming up that you might be interested in. It begins May 25 and finished up July 20. There will be a cash prize for the overall winner and a party thrown for the winning team (everyone will be part of a team). The cost of the challenge is $20 and any new people will get 25% off the months of June and July. If you decided you liked CrossFit we would also give you 25% off the month of May.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Jasmine King

  3. Myself, my wife and my kid (13 yrs old) are thinking about joining, is there a price cut for families?

  4. Hey, so I’m new to the area and want to get back into the workout flow. I’ve never done crossfit before, but I have heard great things! I need someone who is a great motivator and will kick my butt into gear. Also on a budget but want fitness to be a priorty. Thanks!

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